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Gondogola® Neck Warmer / Face Mask

The long awaited Gondogola® - (you knew it was coming) 

neck warmer / face mask!

Great for skiing / riding / anywhere masks are used (not scientifically proven) but they will keep you looking good and warm.


Shipping mid May - enjoy 10% off for your pre-order! code:RIDE2020

*each one ordered comes with a free sticker - one size fits all

Gondogola® Neck Warmer / Face Mask

  • description:

    Constructed of 100% Polyester Microfiber, the Maska controls body temperature by wicking away sweat, keeping you dry. The fabric is soft to prevent irritation as it comfortably protects your face and neck. The Maska gaiter is perfect for cooler weather and withstands all those pain-in-the-neck cycling situations you may find yourself in.

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