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Gondogola was photographed in Telluride on the gondola in the winter of 2014, by Mary Kenez !  In the summer of 2016, Gondogola went up in it's home at San Sophia Station!  The photo really shows the spirit of the dog-friendly town of Telluride, Colorado.  The most common questions asked about this now iconic photograph:


Top 7 questions about Gondogola answered:


1- What are the dogs names?

2- Who's dogs are they?

3- How did Mary get the dogs to pose?

4- Was the gondola moving?

5- How many shots did it take?

6- Are dogs always allowed on the gondola?

7- Is the term Gondogola made up by Mary?


1- Colby, Stetson, Casey, Kilee, Savvy   (Stetson is the only boy!) Yellow Lab, English Cream Golden Retriever, Navajo Dog, Golden Retriever, English Cream Golden Retriever)


2- All Mary's dogs.  (She wishes)  Casey, in the middle, Mary's dog - other 4 are local dogs.  Putting 5 dogs into a gondola car that know each other and spend time together made it easy.  The dogs are all friends!!!


3- The Power of CHEESE!


4- Yes


5- One go round of the gondola - The gondola has 4 legs (haha) From Up to San Sophia Station, down to Mountain Village, back up to Mountain Village, back to Telluride.  Gondogola image was captured on the 2nd leg...the Telluride Airport.


6- Yes, every other car of the gondola is a dog-car. YOUR dog(s) can ride


7- Yes! Gondogola is a made up term which now also a registered trademark!  Gondogola™

• Gondogola at San Sophia Station was donated by Kamruz Gallery


• Gondogola at San Sophia Station  is 6 foot tall by 9 foot wide


• Gondogola at PetCO Corp headquarters is 6.5 foot tall by 10 foot wide


• Gondogola has inspired several gondola photo off-shoots : Aspen Gondogola (featuring Red and 2 original Gondogola dogs), Chihuandola, Collies on Board (All Border Collies) , The Beagle has Landed, Whoa Nellie


• Gondogola photographer Mary Kenez will photograph your dogs !  All photo shoots include one canvas print and all of the images on a USB - cost is $600 for on the gondola and $500 in town of Telluride. Book a shoot with Mary.


• Gondogola signed prints are available ranging in size from 4"x6" to HUGE.  Other versions of  Gondogola: t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, note cards, postcards and maybe soon, dog bowls !  All available at Kamruz Gallery in beautiful downtown Telluride and online right here!

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