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Mary Kenez is professional photographer whose whimsical work celebrates her  two greatest loves-- her canine companions and their daily adventures biking, hiking and skiing in the mountainous backdrop of beautiful Telluride, Colorado.


“It’s my job and someone’s got to do it,” Mary says cheerfully. “I designed my gallery’s logo to incorporate a bike and ski to remind me when I’m playing outdoors or even walking my dog, I really AM working!”


For more than 10 years now, Kamruz Gallery offers its locals and visitors unique and humorous creations that cleverly capture the ever-so-active, hippy-happy and sometimes a bit quirky Telluridian lifestyle.


Mary’s now iconic Telluride image is the Gondogola photograph. This four-legged pack, packed in a dog-friendly gondola cabin for a ride up the mountain, are the best of friends. “That’s why the dogs look so relaxed,” Mary adds. “These pups are just hanging out with their besties and the expressions on their faces says life is good.”


The Gondogola image makes everyone smile as it perfectly sums up the fun-loving and super dog-friendly Telluride town Mary adores. To prove it, she generously gifted the enormous Gondogola print to the San Sophia Gondola Station  in 2016 for all to enjoy!


Mary is an animal advocate and a dedicated supporter of Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway, Colorado.  Red, her rescue and wild-card canine is her pride and joy.


Prior to moving to Telluride, Mary was gallery owner and founder of Pet Driver’s License in Boulder, Colorado.

How it all began...

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